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Rule No.Rule Title
1965Acceptance of Wagers from Outside Inclosure.
2083Advance Deposit Wagering Prohibited.
1865Altering of Sex of Horse.
2087.5Antepost Market
1983Application for Hearing.
2066Application for License to Operate a Minisatellite Facility
2086.5Application for License to Operate Exchange Wagering
2072Approval to Conduct Advance Deposit Wagering by an out-of-state Applicant.
2086.1Authorization for Exchange Wagering
1544Calling off Race.
2087.6Cancellation of Matched Wagers
2088.6Cancellation of Unmatched Wagers
2093Certain Practices Related to Exchange Wagering
2091Closing an Inactive Exchange Wagering Account
1967Closing of Wagering in a Race.
2079Credit for Winning Wagers and Scratched Entries.
1489.2Criteria to Evaluate Rehabilitation of a Person When Considering Denial, Suspension or Revocation of an Occupational License
1957Daily Double.
2090.5Debits to an Exchange Wagering Account
2076Deposits to an Advance Deposit Wagering Account with all Entities.
2089.6Deposits to an Exchange Wagering Account
1986Determination of Rehabilitation.
1874Disorderly Conduct.
1955Distribution of Pools.
2058Duties of a Racing Association or Fair Offering Simulcast Wagering.
2060Duties of a Simulcast Organization.
2061Duties of the Simulcast Facility Supervisor or Assistant Simulcast Facility Supervisor.
1981Duty to Exclude Prohibited Persons.
2089Errors in Payments of Exchange Wagers
2086.7Exchange Wagering Data
2092Exchange Wagers Placed After the Start of a Race
2000General Provisions.
1489Grounds for Denial or Refusal of License.
1903Illegal or Improper Use of Communications Equipment or Devices.
2057Initial Application and Approval of a Simulcast Facility.
2071License to Conduct Advance Deposit Wagering by a California Applicant.
1440.5Licensing of Contractors and Sub-contractors.
2081Market Access Fee for Wagers Placed by a California Resident.
2086.8Monitoring Systems and Notification
2088Non-Starters and Declared or Scratched Entries
1481Occupational Licenses and Fees.
1899Offenses Requiring Suspension.
1898Offering False Information for Wagering.
1704Official Order of Finish.
2086.6Operating Plan Required
2073Operation of an Advance Deposit Wagering Account for all Entities.
2063Out-of-State and Interstate Wagering.
1951Pari-mutuel Tickets.
1950Pari-mutuel Wagering.
1954Parimutuel Pools.
1954.1Parlay Wagering on Win, Place or Show.
1960Payout on Minus Pools.
1843.3Penalties for Medication Violations
1980Persons Prohibited from Wagering.
1976.9Pick (n) Pool.
1977Pick Three.
1976.8Place Pick (n).
2077Placing an Advance Deposit Wager with all Entities.
2090Posting Credits for Winnings from Exchange Wagers
2091.6Powers of the Board to Review and Audit Records
1966Probable Odds or Morning Line.
2045Prohibited Provisions of Horsemens Agreements.
2092.5Prohibitions on Wagers to Lay a Horse to Lose
2074Requirements to Establish an Advance Deposit Wagering Account with a California Entity.
2089.5Requirements to Establish an Exchange Wagering Account
2075Requirments to Establish an Advance Deposit Wagering Account with an out-of-state Hub.
1978Select Four.
1959Special Quinella (Exacta).
1729Starting the Race.
2091.5Suspending an Exchange Wagering Account
2087Suspending Markets
2092.6Suspension of Occupational License
1951.1Totalizator Systems.
1976Unlimited Sweepstakes.
1971Wagering by Jockey or Driver.
1968Wagering by Minors Prohibited.
1974Wagering Interest.
1970Wagering on Competing Horse.
1969Wagering Prohibited.
2090.6Withdrawals by Account Holder
2078Withdrawals from an Advance Deposit Wagering Account with all Entities.
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