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2103Habitable Rooms.
Rule Text(a) Habitable rooms used for sleeping shall have natural light by means of at least one exterior window that, if it can be opened, has screening with a tight fitting frame. Natural ventilation shall be provided by exterior openings that can be opened, or in lieu of exterior openings a mechanical ventilating system. (b) Habitable room exterior doors shall be tight fitting and outfitted with door sweeps. (c) Interior walls, ceilings and floors of habitable rooms may not be damaged or cause exposure to outside elements or exposed earth. (d) Habitable rooms shall be provided with electrical switches, outlets and at least one electric light. Electric components in a habitable room shall be installed to state or local building codes and maintained in a manner that does not endanger the health or safety of the occupants. (e) Habitable rooms used for sleeping shall be provided with battery operated smoke detectors that shall be maintained in working order, or any other approved fire alarm system as provided under Rule 1927 of this division. Fire regulations and an emergency evacuation plan shall be posted in backstretch worker housing areas as provided under Rule 1928 of this division. (f) The dimensions of a habitable room shall not be less than seven feet in any direction and shall provide not less than 50 square feet of space per person. NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 19440 and 19481.5(b), Business and Professions Code. Reference: Section 19485.1, Business and Professions Code. HISTORY: 1. New rule filed 5-7-02, as an emergency; effective through 11-8-03. 2. Amendment filed 9-23-03; effective 10-23-03. 3. Amendment filed 10-14-04; effective 11-13-04.
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