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2027Grounds for Termination of Eligibility.
Rule TextIn addition to any other valid ground or reason, the Board or its designee may terminate theeligibility of a nominated standardbred stallion after having given notice of such termination tothe nominator of the stallion and after giving such nominator the opportunity to be heard,when: (a) The stallion is used for breeding purposes at any place outside the State of California duringthe breeding season for which he is nominated and registered. (b) The nominator or true owner or owners of the stallion fail to comply with any rule orcondition of the nomination or registry requirements. (c) The nominator, true owner or owners, engage in any acts in connection with the breedingof horses which are of themselves fraudulent or grossly negligent or misrepresentative, orotherwise inimical to the conduct of the California Standardbred Sires Stakes Program.
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