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2026Grounds for Refusal of Nomination.
Rule TextIn addition to any other valid ground or reason, the Board or its designee may refuse to accepta nomination of a standardbred stallion for the California Sires Stakes Program when: (a) The stallion is used for breeding purposes outside the State of California at any time duringthe season for which he is to be or has been nominated. (b) The stallion does not meet the requirements for nomination or is nominated after thepublished closing date for such nominations. (c) The nominator of a stallion is not licensed as a Horse Owner. (d) The nominator of a stallion is not the owner in fact of the said stallion and is not authorizedby power of attorney to act on behalf of the true owner or owners of the said stallion. (e) The nominator of a stallion has broken or violated any rule or condition regardingparticipation in the California Standardbred Sires Stakes Program as provided in this article.
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