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2025Nomination of Stallions.
Rule TextStandardbred stallions shall be nominated annually to the official registry by application in suchform prescribed by the Board accompanied by a nomination fee determined by the Board andby a true and correct copy of the Registration Certificate issued to the nominated stallion bythe United States Trotting Association. (a) The eligibility and nomination of a previously registered stallion may be renewed upon thesubmission of a nomination application form and the nomination fee determined by the Board. (b) No person shall be authorized to nominate a standardbred stallion unless the nominator isduly licensed by the Board as a horse owner. (c) A stallion shall be nominated to the official registry prior to the time he is first used forbreeding purposes in California. (d) On or after November 30, 1977, the closing date each year for nominations of stallions forthe succeeding breeding season shall be November 30th of each calendar year.
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