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Rule No.Rule Title
1971Wagering by Jockey or Driver.
Rule TextNo jockeys or drivers shall make any wagers, or have any wagers made in their behalf, in any race in which they participate, except through the owners or trainers on the horses which they ride or drive. Any owners or trainers wagering for such jockeys or drivers shall maintain records of all such wagers and all other presents or other gratuities given any jockeys or drivers. Such records will be furnished to the stewards or the Board or its investigators upon demand. NOTE: Authority cited: Section 19590, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Sections19590 and 19593, Business and Professions Code. HISTORY: 1. Amendment filed 10-26-94; effective 11-25-94. 2. Amendment filed 11-26-97; effective 12-26-97.

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