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1962Payment for Errors.
Rule TextIf an error occurs in the payment amounts for parimutuel tickets which are cashed or entitledto be cashed and as a result of such error the parimutuel pool involved in the error is notcorrectly distributed among winning ticket holders, the following shall apply: (a) In the event the error results in an over-payment to ticket holders the association shall beresponsible for such payment. (b) In the event the error results in an under-payment to ticket holders: (1) The association shall accept timely claims for such under-payment, shall investigate suchclaims and shall pay each claim, or a part thereof, which it determines to be valid, and shallnotify the claimant if his claim is rejected as invalid. (2) Any person whose claim is rejected by the association may, within 15 days from the datehe received the notice of rejection, request the Board to determine the validity of the claim. Thefailure to file such request with the Board within the said time shall constitute a waiver of theclaim. (3) A hearing shall be held on each such rejected claim timely filed with the Board. The Boardshall give notice of such hearing to the claimant and the association. The Board may determinea claim to be valid, in whole or in part, and thereafter order the association to pay to theclaimant the amount of the claim determined to be valid, or may deny the claim in whole or inpart. Any such determination shall be final and binding on all parties. (4) If no valid claims are presented for the amount of the under-payment or any part thereof,the amount of the under-payment shall be paid to the Board. (c) Any claim not filed with the association within 30 days inclusive of the date on which theunder-payment was discovered shall be deemed waived and the association shall have nofurther liability therefor.
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