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1952Claim for Payment from Parimutuel Pool.
Rule TextA written, verified claim for payment from a parimutuel pool shall be accepted by the licenseeassociation in any case where the association has withheld payment or has refused to cash aparimutuel ticket presented for payment. The claim shall be made on such form as approvedby the Board and the claimant shall make such claim under penalty of perjury. The original ofsuch claim shall be promptly forwarded to the Board. (a) In the case of a claim made for payment of a mutilated parimutuel ticket which does notcontain the total imprinted elements required in Rule 1951, the association shall make are commendation to accompany the claim forwarded to the Board as to whether or not the mutilated ticket has sufficient elements to be positively identified as a winning ticket. (b) In the case of a claim made for payment of a parimutuel ticket, the Board shall adjudicatethe claim and may order payment thereon from the parimutuel pool or by the association or maydeny the claim or may make such other Order as it may deem proper. NOTE: Authority cited: Section 19590, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Sections19592 and 19598, Business and Professions Code. HISTORY: 1. Repealer and new rule filed 5-12-82; effective 6-11-82.
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