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Rule No.Rule Title
1927Fire Prevention.
Rule TextAssociations shall make adequate provision for fire prevention, protection against fire, and firesuppression within the inclosure. Before any license is granted to any association, eachapplicant therefor must inform the Board, in detail, of the fire prevention facilities at or availableto its inclosure, and particularly its stable area. When a licensee is unable to stable all the horses participating at its meeting on its grounds,such licensee must advise the Board of the facilities for fire prevention at the additional locationwhere such excess number of horses will be stabled. A written clearance from the fire authority having jurisdiction, stating that an inspection hasbeen made of the inclosure and any additional location where any excess number of horses willbe stalled and that the facilities conform with a reasonable standard of fire safety, shall be filedwith the Board prior to the commencement of a race meeting. Such inspection shall have beenmade within 45 days prior to the commencement of the meeting. For the purposes of this regulation, a reasonable standard of fire safety shall require that eachbuilding, barn or structure which is used by an association for the stabling of horses or humanhabitation, be equipped with an automatic sprinkler system and an automatic fire alarm system,and that the stable area grounds, including any additional location where any excess numberof horses will be stabled, be patrolled by a watchman during the hours of darkness. The typeand installation of automatic sprinkler and automatic fire alarm systems shall be of such qualityas to afford the protection required by this regulation as determined and approved by the fireauthority having jurisdiction. Portable structures or sheds fully open on at least one side, withthe approval of the fire authority having jurisdiction, and trailer coaches, campers and unroofedstalls are exempted from the automatic sprinkler and fire alarm requirement, so long as they arelocated within the effective operating distance of exterior wet standpipe fire hose streams andwithin 150 feet of a manual fire alarm box. Any association whose stable area, including any additional location where any excess numberof horses will be stabled, does not conform with a reasonable standard of fire safety as definedin this regulation may petition the Board for an extension of time within which to comply withthis regulation or exemption from such requirements. In reviewing any such petition, the Boardshall take into consideration any written recommendations from the fire authority havingjurisdiction as well as all other matters pertinent to the petition, including the fact that theBoard recognizes that the physical structure of each racing inclosure is unique and, as such,inherent with its own particular problems. Any extension of time or exemption granted by theBoard shall be in writing and may be on such conditions as the Board may deem appropriate.

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