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1896Assistant or Substitute Trainer.
Rule TextA trainer who has in his care a substantial number of horses, or who is actively participatingin more than one race meeting at one time, may employ an assistant trainer, who shall beequally responsible with the employing trainer for the condition of the horses in their care. Thename of the assistant trainer shall be shown on the official program along with that of theemploying trainer. If any licensed trainer is prevented from performing his duties by illness orother good cause, and is absent from the track where he is participating, the stewards shall beimmediately notified, and at the same time, a substitute trainer, acceptable to the stewards,shall be appointed and such substitute trainer's name shall be shown on the official programif possible. The stewards shall be advised immediately when the regular trainer resumes hisduties. A substitute trainer shall be responsible with the regular trainer for the condition of thehorses in his care. Assistant and substitute trainers must be licensed trainers.
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