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1850Posterior Digital Neurectomy.
Rule Text(a) Notwithstanding the prohibition against "nerving," a horse upon which a posterior digital neurectomy has been performed, commonly known as "heel nerving" is not ineligible to race, and is not subject to the prohibitions in this article pertaining to nerving, provided: (1) the official veterinarian is satisfied that the loss of sensation to such horse due to the posterior digital neurectomy will not endanger the safety of any horse or rider, (2) the prior approval of the official veterinarian has been obtained if the horse is on the grounds of a racing association, (3) the racing secretary is notified of such nerving at the time such horse is admitted to the grounds of a racing association, (4) the posterior digital neurectomy was performed prior to October 1, 2008, and (5) the horse's registration or eligibility certificate is marked to indicate such nerving. NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 19420, 19440 and 19562, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Section 19420, 19440 and 19562 Business and Professions Code. HISTORY: 1. Amendment filed 9-2-08; effective 10-1-08.
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