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1846.5Postmortem Examination.
Rule Text(a) Every horse which suffers a fatal injury on the racetrack in training or in competition, or which dies or is euthanized within an area under the jurisdiction of the Board, shall undergo a postmortem examination at a diagnostic laboratory which is under contract with the Board to determine the injury or sickness which resulted in euthanasia or natural death. (b) Test samples may be obtained from the carcass upon which the postmortem examination is to be conducted and sent to the diagnostic laboratory for testing for foreign substances or their metabolites, and natural substances at abnormal levels. When practical, test samples shall be procured prior to euthanasia. (c) The costs associated with transportation to the diagnostic laboratory of any horse which has died under the provisions of subparagraph (a) shall be the responsibility of the racing association conducting the meeting where the death occurred or the training center or racetrack where death occurred when no meeting is in progress. The services of the official veterinarian and the laboratory testing of postmortem samples for standard necropsy and special equine necropsy examinations shall be made available by the Board without charge to the owner. The cost of any additional necropsy examination(s) requested by the owner or trainer are the responsibility of the requesting individual. (d) Requests for each postmortem shall be filed with the official veterinarian by the owner's or trainer's veterinarian within one hour of the death and shall be submitted on a Necropsy Submission Form, CHRB-72, (Rev. 6/04), hereby incorporated by reference, and which is available at all official veterinarian offices. The trainer is co-responsible to supply all information to complete CHRB-72. (e) If the official veterinarian is not available, the owner's or trainer's veterinarian must phone the diagnostic laboratory within one hour of the death and fax CHRB-72 to the laboratory as notification that the horse is due for necropsy. On the official veterinarian's next scheduled work day, the owner's or trainer's veterinarian shall give the original CHRB-72 to the official veterinarian. (f) The racing association, racetrack or training center will notify the transporter within one hour of death to have the horse conveyed to the designated laboratory for necropsy. (g) Upon completion of the postmortem examination the diagnostic laboratory shall file a written report with the Executive Director, the Equine Medical Director and the official veterinarian. (h) Each owner and trainer accepts responsibility for the postmortem examination provided herein as a requisite for maintaining an occupational license. NOTE: Authority cited: Section 19440, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Section 19444(c), Business and Professions Code. HISTORY: New rule filed 10-29-81; effective 11-28-81. Amendment filed 11-10-92; effective 12-10-92. Amendment filed 6-7-94; effective 7-7-94. Amendment filed 8-11-95; effective 9-10-95. Amendment filed 7-6-98; effective 8-5-98. Amendment filed 4-25-00; effective 4-25-00. Amendment filed 11-29-04; effective 12-29-04.
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