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1843.6Total Carbon Dioxide Testing.
Rule Text(a) At the direction of the Equine Medical Director, the stewards or the official veterinarian, a veterinarian licensed by the Board or a registered veterinary technician licensed by the Board may collect blood sample(s) from a horse for the purpose of testing for total carbon dioxide (TCO2) concentrations. Such blood sample(s) shall be collected under the provision of Rule 1859 of this article, and may be collected pre-race or post-race. (1) The owner or trainer of a horse selected for testing may request that a duplicate sample be taken. Such request shall be made prior to the collection of the official sample. The costs related to obtaining, handling, shipping and analyzing the duplicate sample shall be the responsibility of the owner or trainer who requested such sample. (2) If the Board in its discretion determines the duplicate sample cannot be analyzed within five days after the sample is collected, the findings of the official sample shall be final. (b) Any horse on a facility under the jurisdiction of the Board may be selected by the Equine Medical Director, the stewards or the official veterinarian for TCO2 testing. (c) Any owner, trainer, or other person responsible for a horse, who refuses or fails to permit the taking of test sample(s) from such horse shall be deemed in violation of Rule 1930 of this division and shall have the horse declared ineligible to race by the stewards. (d) TCO2 levels in the blood serum or plasma shall not exceed: (1) 37.0 millimoles per liter of serum or plasma. (2) TCO2 levels in excess of 37.0 millimoles shall be considered a Class three-medication violation for administrative purposes. (e) The provisions of Rule 1859.25 of this article shall not apply to blood sample(s) collected for TCO2 testing. NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 19420, 19440, 19580 and 19582.5, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Sections 19581 and 19582, Business and Professions Code. HISTORY: 1. New rule filed as an emergency 9-13-05; effective through 1-21-06. 2. Permanent regulation filed 1-20-06; effective 1-20-06. 3. Permanent regulation filed 1-27-10; effective 2-26-10.
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