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1807Authorized Horse Sales.
Rule TextUpon application by a recognized breeder's association, sales organization, or any other person,the Board may authorize a horse sale or horse auction sale for the sale of race horses orbreeding stock that is used in the production of race horses, to be held on the premises of aracing association, and the authorization and approval of such horse sale or horse auction saleshall be upon such conditions as may be imposed by the Board. NOTE: Authority cited: Section 19(b) of Article IV, California Constitution and Sections 19420,19440, 19460 and 19562, Business and Professions Code. HISTORY: 1. New article 13.5 (rules 1807, 1808, and 1809) filed 1-9-74, as an emergency; effective1-9-74. 2. Amendment filed 2-15-74 as an emergency; effective 2-15-74.
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