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1780Registration of Colors.
Rule TextRacing colors shall be registered with the clerk of the course when registering a horse withinan inclosure, and authority for the use of such colors must be sanctioned by the Board. Nocolor may bear any symbols or markings which could be interpreted as for advertising purposes.Any difference between claimants to the right of particular colors shall be decided by thestewards. The registered colors of an owner may not be registered by another, except after fiveyears of non-use or abandonment by the registering owner. Any temporary change from theregistered colors of the owner must be approved by the stewards. NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 19420 and 19440, Business and Professions Code. Reference:Sections 19420 and 19440, Business and Professions Code. HISTORY: 1. Amendment filed 1-6-94; effective 2-5-94.
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