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1761Appeal from Decision of Stewards.
Rule Text(a) From every decision of the stewards, except a decision concerning the disqualification ofa horse due to a foul or a riding or driving infraction, an appeal may be made to the Board. (b) Appeals shall be made in writing, stating the reason or reasons for the appeal, and shall besigned by the appellant, appellant's attorney, or appellant's representative. Appeals shall bereceived by a Board employee at any of its offices, not later than seventy-two (72) hours fromthe date of the decision of the stewards unless the Board for good cause extends the time forfiling. (c) An appeal shall not affect a decision of the stewards until the appeal has been sustained ordismissed or a stay order issued by the Chairman. NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 19420, 19440, and 19562, Business and Professions Code.Reference: Section 19517, Business and Professions Code. HISTORY: 1. Amendment filed 3-3-94; effective 4-4-94. 2. Amendment filed 12-13-95; effective 1-12-96.
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