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1721Driving Rules.
Rule TextNo driver during a race shall: (a) Change either to the right or left during any part of the race when another horse is so nearthat in altering the position of his horse he compels the horse behind him to shorten his stride,or causes the driver of such other horse to pull such horse out of his stride. (b) Jostle, strike, hook wheels, or interfere with another horse or driver. (c) Cross sharply in front of a horse or cross over in front of a field of horses in a recklessmanner, endangering other drivers or horses. (d) Swerve in or out or pull up quickly. (e) Crowd a horse or driver by putting a wheel under him. (f) Carry a horse out or sit down in front of him, take up abruptly in front of other horses so asto cause confusion or interference among the trailing horses, or do any other act whichconstitutes what is popularly known as "helping." (g) Let a horse pass inside needlessly. (h) Lay off a normal pace and leave a hole when it is well within the horse's capacity to keepthe hole closed. (i) Commit any act which shall impede the progress of another horse or cause him to break. (j) Change course after selecting a position in the home stretch, or bear in or out, in suchmanner as to interfere with another horse or cause him to change stride or break. (k) Drive in a careless or reckless manner. (l) Drive or cause to be driven any unreasonably slow quarters or fractions. (m) Fail to use his best efforts to win. (n) Whip his horse under the arch of the sulky. (o) Drive in such manner as to obtain for himself an unfair advantage.
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