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Rule No.Rule Title
1691Colors, Number, and Advertising.
Rule Text(a) A jockey shall be properly attired for riding in a race, wearing the colors of the owner of the horse he or she is riding, and exhibiting a number on the saddlecloth that corresponds to the number of the horse on the official program. (b) Advertising, including logos, labels, or product endorsements shall be permitted on jockey attire, owner silks, and track saddlecloths from the point of weighing out for a race to weighing in after its conclusion. (c) A copy of the advertisement signage must be submitted for review, for compliance with the provisions of this rule, to the stewards at the track where the advertisement will be worn before the horse is entered to race. (d) Advertisement on jockey clothing is limited to: (1) A maximum of 32 square inches on each thigh of the pants on the outer sides between the hip and knee and 10 square inches on the rear at the base of the spine. (2) A maximum of 24 square inches on boots and leggings on the outside of each nearest the top of the boot. (3) A maximum of 6 square inches on the front center in the neck area. (e) Advertisement on owner silks is limited to: (1) A maximum of 32 square inches on the chest area. (2) A maximum of 1.5 inches by 4 inches on each collar. (f) Advertisement on track saddlecloths is not limited to size or placement. NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 19420 and 19562, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Sections 19420 and 19562, Business and Professions Code. HISTORY: 1. New subsection (b) filed 7-9-92; effective 8-8-92. 2. Amendment filed 2-13-02; effective 2-13-02.

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