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1658Vesting of Title to Claimed Horse.
Rule Text(a) Title to a horse which is claimed shall be vested in the successful claimant from the time the field has been dispatched from the starting gate and the horse becomes a starter; and said successful claimant becomes the owner of the horse unless voided by the stewards under the provisions of this article. Only a horse which is officially a starter in the race may be claimed. A subsequent disqualification of the horse by order of the stewards or the Board shall have no effect upon the claim. (b) The stewards shall void the claim and return the horse to the original owner if: (1) The horse suffers a fatality during the running of the race or dies or is euthanized before leaving the track, or (2) The racing or official veterinarian determines the horse will be placed on the Veterinarian's List as bled, unsound or lame before the horse is released to the successful claimant. (A) “Bled” is defined as the racing or official veterinarian observing a horse bleeding from one or both nostrils during or after the race, and determining that such bleeding is a direct result of exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage. (c) The stewards shall not void the claim if, prior to the race in which the horse is claimed, the claimant elects to claim the horse regardless of whether the racing or official veterinarian determines the horse will be placed on the Veterinarian's List as unsound or lame. (1) An election made under subsection (c) of this rule shall be entered on the form CHRB-11(Rev. 8/14) Agreement to Claim, in accordance with section 1656 of this article. (d) The claim shall be void if the race is called off, canceled, or declared no contest in accordance with Rule 1544 of this division. NOTE: Authority: Sections 19420 and 19440, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Section 19562, Business and Professions Code. HISTORY: 1. Amendment filed 11-22-06; effective 12-22-06. 2. Amendment filed 10-04-11; effective 11-03-11. 3. Amendment filed 4-07-14; effective 7-1-14. 4. Amendment filed 9-17-14; effective 9-17-14. 5. Amendment filed 3-08-16; effective 7-01-16.
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