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1561Duties of the Racing Veterinarian.
Rule TextThe Racing Veterinarian shall examine each horse when it is first entered to race at the racemeeting and he shall report to the stewards any horse which in his opinion is not of the age orcondition which is satisfactory for the type of racing to be conducted at the meeting. Thestewards may declare any such horse so reported as ineligible to be entered or started at themeeting until such time as the Racing Veterinarian certifies such horse to be raceably sound.The Racing Veterinarian shall be present in the paddock, on the race course, and at the startinggate during the saddling, the parade, and until the horses are dispatched from the gate for therace, and he shall examine any horse when there is a question as to the physical condition ofsuch horse. He shall report any horse which in his opinion is incapable of physically exertingits best effort to win to the stewards who may declare such horse from the race. The RacingVeterinarian shall examine any horse which appears in physical distress during the race, at thefinish of the race and he shall report such horse together with his opinion as to the cause ofthe distress to the stewards and to the official veterinarian. The Racing Veterinarian has theauthority to treat any horse in event of an emergency, accident or injury, and he is authorizedto humanely destroy any horse which in his opinion is so seriously injured that it is in the bestinterests of racing to so act, and every horse owner and trainer in participating in a race in thisState does consent thereto. The Racing Veterinarian shall recommend to the official veterinarianthose horses which by reason of physical disability should be placed on the Veterinarian's Listand he may recommend removal from the list of those horses which in his opinion cansatisfactorily compete in a race.
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