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1559Duties of Clerk of Scales.
Rule TextThe clerk of scales shall verify the correct weight of each jockey at the time of weighing outand when weighing in, and he shall report any discrepancies to the stewards immediately. Theclerk of scales shall notify the stewards of any change of jockeys, or of any extra or specialweight declared for any horse, or any overweight, or any alteration of colors. At the close ofeach day's racing the clerk of scales shall provide the association with a report of the weightcarried in every race and the names of the jockeys specifying overweight, if any. He shallprovide the paymaster of purses an accounting of the riding fees due each jockey at the endof each racing day. The Clerk of Scales shall be responsible to the stewards for the conduct ofthe jockeys and their attendants in the jockey room.
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