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1501Workers Compensation Insurance Required.
Rule TextNo person may be licensed as a trainer, owner, trainer-driver, or in any other capacity in whichsuch person acts as the employer of any other licensee at any authorized race meeting, unlesshis liability for worker's compensation has been secured in accordance with the Labor Code ofthe State of California and until evidence of such security for liability is provided the Board.Should any such required security for liability for worker's compensation be cancelled orterminated, any license held by such person shall be automatically suspended and shall begrounds for revocation of the license. The trainer of a public stable shall provide evidence thatthe policy of insurance securing his liability for worker's compensation has been endorsed oramended to include, as an additional insured, each person for whom he trains horses to theextent that such person is exposed to liability as the employer of a jockey, unless such personhas procured coverage for such exposure and has furnished evidence of such coverage to theBoard. HISTORY: 1. Amendment filed 10-6-78; effective 11-5-78.
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