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1497Confidentiality of Applications.
Rule Text(a) Except as set forth in Subsection (b) of this rule, all information contained on an application for license filed with the Board and all subsidiary information required by the Board in conjunction with such application, may be disclosed to the public. (b) The following information when contained on an application for license, or when required by the Board as subsidiary information in conjunction with such application, is confidential and shall not be disclosed to the public except in compliance with an order of the Board or any legal order of any court or other agency having jurisdiction of the enforcement of any state or federal laws. (1) Personal addresses, personal residences and personal telephone numbers. (2) Personal identification numbers such as social security numbers, federal identification numbers, driver's license numbers, and bank account numbers. (3) Statements of personal worth and personal financial data used to establish the applicant's personal qualifications for license. (4) Information regarding minor children. NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 19440 and 19460, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Sections 19435, 19440, 19460, and 19466, Business and Professions Code. HISTORY: 1. Amendment of rule and heading filed 8-5-93; effective 9-7-93.
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