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Rule TextAs used in these rules: (a) "Chairman" means the member elected by the Board to be Chairman of the Board and its presiding member. (b) "Commissioner" means a member of the Board. (c) "Age of Horse" means the age as reckoned beginning on the first day of January of the year in which the horse was foaled. (d) "Authorized Agent" means an agent appointed by a written document which is signed by the owner and filed with the Board. (e) "Breeder" means the owner of the dam at the time of foaling. (f) "Conviction" includes a plea of guilty, forfeiture of bail, a judgment or verdict of guilty, or a conviction following a plea of nolo contendere, whether or not the conviction is later set aside pursuant to the provisions of Section 1203.4 of the Penal Code. (g) "Driver" means one who drives and controls the horse from a seated position on a two-wheel vehicle. (h) "Horse" means an equine and includes a stallion, gelding, mare, colt, filly or ridgling and includes mule, jack, jenny, ginnet, and hinney. (i) "Jockey" means a race rider. (j) "Licensee" means a licensee of the California Horse Racing Board. (k) "Maiden" means a horse that has never won a race on the flat in a state or country where the races are covered by the Daily Racing Form or other similar authorized publication. A maiden that has been disqualified after finishing first is still a maiden. Conditions referring to maidens apply to the status at the time of starting. (l) "Nominator" means a person in whose name a horse is entered to race. (m) "Objection" means a formal complaint filed before a race with the stewards or the Board objecting to the eligibility of any horse to compete in the race or the right of any person to participate in the race. (n) "Owner" includes the owner, part owner and lessee of any horse. An interest only in the earnings of a horse does not constitute ownership. If husband and wife, it is presumed that joint ownership exists. (o) "Post" means the place on the race course from which a start is made. (p) "Post Time" means the definite time for the start of a race, and is indicated by a clock device set up as directed by the Board. (q) "Premises" means the inclosure and all other areas collectively utilized by an association in connection with its conduct of a licensed race meeting, including parking lots, auxiliary stabling areas, public inclosure and restricted areas, whether or not the areas are adjacent to the inclosure. (r) "Protest" means a formal complaint filed after a race with the stewards or the Board protesting the right of any horse to a place, purse or award in the race, or protesting any decision of the stewards relating to the eligibility, participation or placing of any horse in a race. (s) "Race" means a contest among horses for a purse, stake or reward, contested at an authorized race meeting. "Race" includes but is not limited to: (1) Purse Race. A race for money or any other prize to which the owners of the horses engaged do not contribute. (2) Stake Race. A race for which owners of horses entered or engaged for the race contribute to a purse for which money or any other prize may be added, nominations to which close 72 hours or more before starting. (3) Claiming Race. A race in which any horse entered therein may be claimed in conformity with the rules established by the Board, except for horses declared ineligible for claiming under Rule 1634 of this division. (4) Handicap Race. A race in which the weights to be carried by the entered horses are adjusted by a handicapper, board of handicappers or the racing secretary, to equalize their respective chances of winning. (5) Overnight Race. A race in which entries close 72 hours or less, excluding Sundays, in advance of the first race of the day on which the race is to be run. (6) Walkover. A stake race in which only one horse starts or in which all the starters are owned by the same interest. (7) Invitational Stake Race. An invitational stake race or an invitational handicap race for which owners do not contribute to the purse, but which is advertised in the regular stakes program, shall also be considered a stake race. (8) Non-wagering Race. A race contested without pari-mutuel wagering on its results including a race upon which pari-mutuel wagering is canceled. (9) Match Race. A race contested between two horses under conditions of the contest agreed to by their owners. (10) "Special Racing Event". A race of unique interest, magnitude or fame. "Special racing event" shall also mean an exhibition race when approved by the Board. (11) "Exhibition Race". A race contested under conditions established by the association as a promotional event or to provide a special racing opportunity to a particular horse or class of horse or class of participants and to which the association contributes the purse or awards for the contest. No pari-mutuel wagering may be conducted on the results of an exhibition race. (t) "Race on the Flat" means a race run over a course on which no jumps or other obstacles are placed. (u) "Recognized Meeting," "Race Meeting," or "Authorized Meeting" means the entire period under the conduct of an association within the inclosure of the designated grounds, and for which the Board has granted a license. When the context in the rules applies, it may include a meeting conducted by an association in some other jurisdiction recognized by the Board. (v) "Restricted Area" means those areas within the inclosure where admission can be obtained only upon presentation of authorized credentials, proper license or visitor's pass, including those areas designated as the stable area, receiving or detention barn, jockey room, saddling paddock, race course and pari-mutuel department. (w) "Rules" means the Rules and Regulations of the California Horse Racing Board and the orders of the Board. (x) "Starter" means a horse when it is in the starting gate stall, and, when the starter dispatches the field, the stall gate in front of the horse is opened. (y) "Sulky" means a dual wheel racing vehicle with dual shafts not exceeding the height of the horses withers. Shafts must be hooked separately on each side. (z) "Time of Race Meeting" means that period of time commencing at 12:01 A.M. on the first day of racing at a recognized meeting and concluding at 12:00 midnight after the final race of the last day of racing as allocated and licensed by the Board. (aa) "Weight for Age" means the standard weight to be carried by a horse according to the scale established by the rules, and remains such though there be penalties or allowances. NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 19440, 19562 and 19563, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Sections 19401(e) and 19420, Business and Professions Code. HISTORY: 1. Amendment filed 8-3-79; effective 9-2-79. 2. Amendment filed 4-21-83; effective 5-21-83. 3. Amendment filed 6-23-94; effective 7-23-94. 4. Amendment filed 12-6-99; effective 12-6-99. 5. Amendment filed 8-21-08; effective 9-20-08.
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