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Rule No.Rule Title
1680Jockeys and Drivers to Report.
1682Weighing Out.
1683Maximum Overweight.
1684Items Included in Weight.
1685Equipment Requirement.
1686Responsibility for Weight.
1687Deposit of Jockey Fee.
1688Use of Riding Crop.
1689Safety Helmets Required.
1689.1Safety Vest Required.
1690Prohibited Equipment.
1690.1Toe Grabs Prohibited.
1691Colors, Number, and Advertising.
1692Requirements for Horse, Trainer and Jockey.
1693Control of Horses and Jockeys on Entering the Track.
1694Parade of Horses.
1695To the Post.
1696The Start.
1697Declaration of Horse by Stewards.
1698Failure to Start and Run.
1699Riding Rules.
1700Returning to Finish After the Race.
1701Weighing In.
1702Claim of Interference or Other Foul.
1703Jockey Excused from Weighing In.
1704Official Order of Finish.
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