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Rule No.Rule Title
1580Control over Entries and Declarations.
1581Racing Secretary to Establish Conditions.
1581.2Prohibition on Entering of Pregnant Mares Beyond 120 Days Gestation
1582Form of Entries and Declarations.
1583Receipt of Entries and Declarations.
1585Miscarriage of Entry, Declaration or Payment.
1586Joint Subscriptions and Entries.
1587Entries Survive with Transfer.
1588Horse Ineligible to Start in a Race.
1591Horses Ineligible to Be Entered for Claiming Race.
1592Ineligible Horse to Be Disqualified.
1593Change of Name of Horse.
1594Registration Certificates to Reflect Correct Ownership.
1595Alteration or Forgery of Certificate of Registration.
1596Transfer After Sale of Horse on the Grounds.
1597Association to Maintain Records of Horses on Its Grounds.
1598Selecting Positions of Entered Horses.
1599Excessive Number of Entries.
1600Horses Listed As Also Eligible.
1601Preferred List of Horses.
1602Time for Declarations.
1603Insufficient Entries.
1604Splitting of Overnight Race.
1605Change in Conditions After Entry Prohibited.
1606Association to Disclose Ownership
1607Classification of Horses.
1608Posting Weight in Handicaps.
1609Liability to Penalty.
1610Official Records for Eligibility.
1611Claim for Allowance.
1612Claim of Preference.
1614Allowance for Fillies and Mares.
1615Scale of Weights for Age.
1616Minimum Weights to Be Carried.
1617Improper Claim for Allowance.
1618When Penalties or Allowances Prohibited.
1619Apprentice Allowance.
1620No Penalty for Winning Certain Races at Fairs.
1624Records of Foreign and Imported Horses.
1625Penalties and Allowances Not Cumulative.
1626Refund of Fees.
1627Declarations from Race Irrevocable.
1628Declaration for Physical Disability.
1629Penalty for Late Declaration.
1630Declaration in Stakes Races.
1631Walkover Races.
1632Jockeys Riding Fee.
1633Release of Certificates of Registration.
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