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Rule No.Rule Title
1520Racing Officials.
1521Responsibility to the Board.
1523Racing Officials Subject to Approval.
1525Racing Officials Appointed by the Board.
1527General Authority of Stewards.
1528Jurisdiction of Stewards to Suspend or Fine.
1529Referral to the Board.
1530Cases Not Covered by Rules and Regulations.
1531Vacancy Among Racing Officials.
1532Payment of Fines.
1536Stewards Minutes.
1537Record and Transcript of Hearing.
1538Duty of Disclosure.
1539Representation at Hearing.
1541Power to Order Examination of Horse.
1542Power to Refuse Entry and Deny Eligibility.
1543Stewards to Determine Fouls and Extent of Disqualification.
1544Calling off Race.
1545Substitution of Jockey or Trainer.
1546Complaints Against Officials.
1547Failure to Appear.
1548Rulings by the Stewards.
1549Recommendation of Discipline.
1550Stewards List.
1551Starters List.
1552Duties of the Starter.
1553Duties of the Paddock Judge.
1554Duties of Horse Identifier.
1555Duties of Horseshoe Inspector.
1556Duties of Patrol Judges.
1557Duties of Timer.
1558Duties of Placing Judges.
1559Duties of Clerk of Scales.
1560Duties of the Official Veterinarian.
1561Duties of the Racing Veterinarian.
1562Duties of Associate Judges.
1563Duties of the Clerk of the Course.
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