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Rule No.Rule Title
1481Occupational Licenses and Fees.
1482Employment of Unlicensed Person.
1483Application for License.
1484Evidence of Unfitness for License.
1485License Subject to Conditions and Agreements.
1486Term of License.
1486.5Term of Registration.
1487Address of Licensees.
1488Temporary Occupational License.
1489Grounds for Denial or Refusal of License.
1489.1Suspension of License Due to Delinquent Tax Debt.
1489.2Criteria to Evaluate Rehabilitation of a Person When Considering Denial, Suspension or Revocation of an Occupational License
1493Refusal Without Prejudice.
1495Re-Hearing After Denial of License.
1496Financial Responsibility of Applicants.
1497Confidentiality of Applications.
1498Physical Examination.
1499Qualifications for Jockey.
1500Apprentice Jockey.
1500.1Random Drug Testing
1501Workers Compensation Insurance Required.
1502Program Trainer Prohibited.
1503Qualifications for License as Trainer or Assistant Trainer.
1504Qualifications for License as Farrier.
1504.5Provisional Exercise Rider and Exercise Rider
1505Qualifications for License as Horse Owner.
1506Horse Ownership by Corporation or Limited Liability Company.
1508Statements of Partnerships.
1509Use of License Required.
1510Knowledge of Rules.
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