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Rule No.Rule Title
1430Allocation of Racing Weeks and Dates.
1431Notice of Intention to File for License.
1432Board May Demand Information.
1433Application for License to Conduct a Horse Racing Meeting.
1434Denial of License.
1436Duty of Licensed Association.
1437Conditions of a Race Meeting.
1439List of Shareholders.
1440Approval of Concessionaires.
1440.5Licensing of Contractors and Sub-contractors.
1441Photographic Device.
1442Photographic or Videotape Recording of Races.
1443Identification of Photographs.
1444Altering Official Recordings.
1445Preservation of Official Recordings.
1446Viewing Room Required.
1447Communication System Required.
1448Bulletin Board Required.
1449Distance Poles.
1450Complaint Desk.
1452Feed and Supplies.
1453Racing Selection Services.
1454Board May Direct Notices on Program.
1456Honoring Official Credentials.
1457Office Space for Board.
1458Right of Board to Information.
1460Equipment and Apparatus Subject to Approval.
1461Duty to Compile Official Program.
1462Duty to Maintain Record of Races.
1467Paymaster of Purses.
1468Ambulance Service.
1469Safety of Race Course.
1470Accounting Practices and Responsibility.
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