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Rule No.Rule Title
1950Pari-mutuel Wagering.
1951Pari-mutuel Tickets.
1951.1Totalizator Systems.
1952Claim for Payment from Parimutuel Pool.
1953Lost or Destroyed Tickets.
1954Parimutuel Pools.
1954.1Parlay Wagering on Win, Place or Show.
1955Distribution of Pools.
1956Race Declared Official.
1957Daily Double.
1959Special Quinella (Exacta).
1960Payout on Minus Pools.
1961Errors in Posted Payout.
1962Payment for Errors.
1963Emergency in Parimutuel Department.
1964Cooperation of Parimutuel Department.
1965Acceptance of Wagers from Outside Inclosure.
1966Probable Odds or Morning Line.
1967Closing of Wagering in a Race.
1968Wagering by Minors Prohibited.
1969Wagering Prohibited.
1970Wagering on Competing Horse.
1971Wagering by Jockey or Driver.
1972Dead Heat.
1973Purses for Dead Heats.
1974Wagering Interest.
1975Evidence of Pool Distribution.
1976Unlimited Sweepstakes.
1976.8Place Pick (n).
1976.9Pick (n) Pool.
1977Pick Three.
1978Select Four.
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