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Rule No.Rule Title
1870Conditions of Meeting Binding upon Licensees.
1871Notice of Intention to Terminate.
1872Failure to Fulfill Jockey Agreement.
1873Furnishing Racing Selection.
1874Disorderly Conduct.
1876Financial Responsibility.
1879Interest in Earnings of Jockey.
1880Gratuity to Starter or Assistant Starter.
1881Exclusion of Persons from Race Course.
1884Unsatisfactory Rides.
1885Rough Riding.
1886Suspended Jockey May Exercise Horses.
1887Trainer to Insure Condition of Horse.
1888Defense to Trainer Insurer Rule.
1889Entry to Area Assigned to Trainer.
1890Possession of Contraband.
1891Seizure of Contraband.
1891.1Penalty for Possession of Electrical Device.
1894Duties of Trainer.
1895Trainers Duty to Insure Licensed Participation.
1896Assistant or Substitute Trainer.
1897Interference with Horses, Racing Participants or Racing Operations.
1898Offering False Information for Wagering.
1899Offenses Requiring Suspension.
1900Grounds for Suspension or Revocation.
1901Conflicts of Interest.
1902Conduct Detrimental to Horse Racing.
1902.5Animal Welfare.
1903Illegal or Improper Use of Communications Equipment or Devices.
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