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Rule No.Rule Title
1840Veterinary Practices and Treatments Restricted.
1841Veterinarians Under Supervision of Official Veterinarian.
1842Veterinarian Report.
1843Medication, Drugs and Other Substances.
1843.1Prohibited Drug Substances.
1843.2Classification of Drug Substances.
1843.3Penalties for Medication Violations
1843.5Medication, Drugs and Other Substances Permitted After Entry in a Race.
1843.6Total Carbon Dioxide Testing.
1844Authorized Medication.
1844.1Suspension of Authorized Medication
1845Authorized Bleeder Medication.
1846Racing Soundness Examination.
1846.5Postmortem Examination.
1847Blocking of Legs.
1850Posterior Digital Neurectomy.
1851List of Nerved Horses.
1852Reporting to Receiving Barn.
1853Examination Required.
1854Exclusion From Receiving and Detention Barn.
1855Medication Procedures and Related Instructions.
1856Clean and Sterile Equipment Required.
1857Equipment for Official Testing.
1858Test Sample Required.
1859Taking, Testing and Reporting of Samples.
1859.25Split Sample Testing.
1859.5Disqualification Upon Positive Test Finding.
1860Adulteration of Sample.
1862Dealers in Hay.
1863Pre-Race Testing.
1864Labeling of Medications.
1865Altering of Sex of Horse.
1866Veterinarians List.
1867Prohibited Veterinary Practices.
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